Camera Inspections

Latest Technology in CCTV Drain Camera Inspection and Location
Atlantis Plumbing and Drainage uses the latest technology of drain cameras to diagnose and damaged or blocked pipes. The most innovative blocked drain inspection tool is the CCTV Drain Camera, when our Plumbers go out to a blocked drains the first thing we recommend to do is investigate what is causing the blockage to do this we feed a CCTV drain camera down the pipe.

The camera head sends a live feed to a screen beside the plumber who is feeding the drain camera down the pipe. The greatest advantage with this type of inspection is you can see the condition of the pipe from the inside, whether the line is broken, collapsed or there are tree roots entering the pipe. This inspection method takes all the guess work out of diagnosing cause of a blocked drain.

Why use a CCTV drain camera
A CCTV drain camera can travel 60 metres down a pipe which will cover all of residential and some commerical dwellings. The footage may even be stored on a DVD for future reference, or if the customer is not at home. Storing the footage is great for home owners and real estate agents to have evidence.

At the head of the camera, there is a sonar on the tip of the camera this tells the plumber the exact location of the camera using our locating machine tool. The plumber waves the locating machine over the ground and can mark exactly where the head of the camera is located and which way it is travelling. This is a big time saver on labour when we can pin point the problem and create a solution.