Civil Services

Atlantis Plumbing have an array of subdivision services specifically tailored for small to 60 lot developments, which range from domestic owner splitter blocks to civil land subdivision estates.

  • Licenced Plumbing
  • Licensed Drainage
  • Backflow devices
  • Civil Water main installations including suspended bridge crossings
  • Civil sewer installation
  • Civil stormwater mains
  • Civil manhole including rising mains and pressurised manholes
  • Replacement live water services
  • Live connections
  • Replacement water and sewer mains
  • CCTV
  • Jet Rodding

We have developed project skills and processes to assist clients in the design, costing, construction of houses or units for their newly ‘subdivided’ lots. Atlantis Plumbing will help to take the pressure and worries out of small-lot developments.

Atlantis has developed an extensive understanding of the regulatory issues and conditions of subdivision developments that are imposed by Queensland Development Code (QDC) and the various councils of SE Queensland – Brisbane City, Redlands Shire, Gold Coast/Logan City, Moreton Bay Regional and Ipswich City.

Rules and regulations are consistently being changed and updated so regular updates from our linked membership parties and common works, we are informed of these regular changes.