Jet Rodding

A versatile drain cleaning unit for a range of services

VAC2U provides well-built and well-maintained jet rodder unit for wet hire across Brisbane areas. Whether you are cutting and clearing tree roots using highly pressurised water or dislodging build up in pipes, our drain cleaning/jet rodder unit and team of expert operators can provide the right jet rodding service your project needs. We can clean any size pipe from 20mm to 225mm, and we can provide a range of different drain cleaning attachments used for cleaning and clearing build up in pipes and drains by breaking up material lodged inside sewers, stormwater drains, communication conduits, electrical conduits and more. Not only that, but our drain cleaning/jet rodder unit for hire is ideal for higher capacity jobs such as cleaning Stormwater, sewer and surfaces areas.

  • Dislodging build up in pipes, including sludge, rock and debris
  • Cutting and clearing tree roots that are impacting adjacent pipes
  • Clearing out pipes and drains
  • High pressure cleaning of tanks and drains
  • Cleaning surface concrete areas
  • Clearing any drain or pipe blockage