Amity Pt Picnic Park, North Stradbroke Island
Duration: September – November 2022
Details of Work:
Atlantis plumbing contracted to renew a sewer treatment system at Amity Pt Picnic Park, North Stradbroke Island. This design & construct project required geotechnical investigation of the area, water usage investigation, plumbing application and approval process, decommissioning and demolition of existing concrete sewer treatment tanks, installation of new Taylex ABS Concrete Secondary Treatment System, complete to connect power supply, installation of alarm notification system, commissioning of treatment system and full restoration.

SPS141 – Sewer Rising Main Renewal – South Street, Cleveland
Duration: July – October 2022
Details of Work:
Atlantis were recently completed a tender completing design & construct Sewer Rising Main Renewal at South Street, Cleveland. Atlantis were the principal contractor and the project involved investigating of the existing 450mm DICL sewer rising main collapsing and immediate designing and rectification work required. Removed and replace approx 20m of 450mm DICL sewer pipework with 450mm SewerMAX, construction of 2x DN1200 PE lined manholes up to 3m depth deep and replacement of existing wet well penetration connection with NB500 316SS Sch 40S.

Components of the work that were problematic, the rising main had 4 other pump stations continually discharging and a temporary bypass system installed, unknown material of pipe work and depths, location on the public roadway and footpaths including school zones, permanent access to the pump station had to be maintained throughout works for emergencies.

As principal contractor, Atlantis were responsible for providing management plans including environment, safety and sewer bypass pumps, mobilizing site including temporary fencing and site facilities, engaging and scheduling/organising all contractors, daily pre-starts for staff and all site attendances, traffic control TGS and management, deep excavation, sewer bypass pump management, vacuum testing and CCTV, complete restoration of roadways, verge, footpath and pump station hardstand areas, site demobilization.

AC Mains Replacement – Queen Street, Cleveland and Troy Street, Ormiston
Duration: June – September 2022
Details of Work:
Atlantis completed design & construct watermain replacement project for RCC which was situated in 2 locations; Queen Street, Cleveland and Troy Street, Ormiston. Both of these projects included replacement of existing AC watermain, replacement of water services between water main and property water meters, installation and relocation of hydrants, road cutting/under boring, complete restoration of roads, verges, footpaths and driveways. Atlantis were the principal contractor on this project and were responsible for all aspects of the design, construction and QA submission package. Works on this project involved organisation and engagement of contractors including consultancy engineers, geotechnical investigation, surveyors, traffic control, service location, under road boring, asphalt restoration, pressure testing/chlorination and bacterial testing, onsite facilities and deliberation with Council via email discussion, Microsoft Teams meetings, site meetings and frequent progress reports.

Queen Street, Cleveland

Troy Street, Ormiston

DN7023 – Wet Hire Crew – Various Sites Throughout Logan City
Duration: August 2022 – Present
Details of Work:
Atlantis are currently completing a hydrant renewal project as hydrant throughout the streets have been not reaching testing requirements for firefighting purposes. This project involves marking out and vacuum excavating existing hydrants, organisation LCC water isolation and dewatering, asbestos handling and removal, replacement of hydrant tops and watermain junctions, replacement MPVC watermain, completion of asbestos clearance certificates, road cutting, traffic control organisation, footpath and verge restoration, complete road restoration, road/kerb markers, all of which to be completed both within business hours and night works.

  • A crew of 5 workers (Supervisor, Leading Hand Plumber, Apprentice Plumber, Plant Operator, Truck Driver)
  • A fleet of vehicles (Hino 500 series Tipper, Hino 300 series Tipper, Isuzu Trade Pack Plumbers Truck, Ford Ranger Plumbers Ute, 8×5 foot dual axel tipper trailer)
  • Plant Machinery (2.5t Kubota Excavator, Kubota SSV65 Bobcat)
  • Equipment (Lifting equipment, wacker packer, plate compactor, flexi drive pump and hoses, 240v 3.5kva generator, free standing LED working lights, flex drive concrete vibration needle), basic hand and power tools

Redland Fellmonger park Ormiston
Duration: February – March 2022
Details of Work:
Fellmonger Park bridge upgrade, the bridge crossing Hilliard’s creek requires strength of handling flood waters and high volume foot traffic. A redesign of the bridge was undertaken, Atlantis designed and constructed the replacement of a 150mm watermain under the new bridge crossing and tie in connections on either side of the park lands. Atlantis cap and sealed the existing watermain on each side of the creek for the dismantle of the old bridge. The new watermain was installed onto the bridge before lowered into position and connected at each end, great planning was achieved with the bridge and watermain fitting perfectly the first time. This is a unique project with a high calibre councillors overseeing this project, our team delivering a great product.

DN7031 – Teys Factory
Duration: 1 Week 2022
Details of Work:
This project had 2 components, cut into an existing DN200 fire main and install a flanged flow meter with a welded DN200 copper to flange adaptor. The second component required disconnecting and removing an above ground valve train from a water main and installing new DN150 gate valves, strainer, flow meter, air valve and dismantling joints. This work was completed inside a large anti-vandal cage.

DN0013 – Pressure Reduction Valves
Duration: 1 Week 2022
Details of Work:
Atlantis recently completed a pressure reduction valve (PRV) installation project in Logan Reserve. This required exposing the existing water service in a verge, removing a section of water main, installing new DN100 to DN225 DICL watermain pipework, sluice valves, pressure reduction valves, backflow valves, dismantling joints, and thrust blocks. Pressure testing and bacterial/chlorination testing was also required before bedding, backfilling and restoring the area.

Logan Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
Duration: 4 months
Details of Work:
Atlantis have completed several projects at Logan WWTP – Installation of a 250mm PE recycled water main – Installation of a 200mm PE fire service. The recycled water main and fire service was completed using flanged connections, butt welding and EF welding connections. Atlantis staff are competent in all butt-welding and EF connections including all standard rubber joint civil pipe work laying. Both projects required trenching, road crossing works including full restoration of roadways and grassed areas.

Logan River and Illaweena Pump Station upgrade
Duration: 2 months
Details of Work:
DN7010 required works to upgrade Chlorine Dosing Facilities at both Logan River Pumpstation and Illaweena Reservoir. This project required installation of electrical conduits and pits, water service works including an RPZ valve and a flow meter installation, storm water works and concrete cutting, removing and restoration. The Logan pump station required the replacement of existing security fencing panels enclosing the facility with a 600mm high masonry block wall and new aluminium louvres with access doors.



Anzac Avenue DN450 Watermain Replacement
Duration: 6 weeks
Details of Work:
Anzac Avenue’s DN450 watermain replacement was another successful project completed by Atlantis for Downer. This project required road excavation and restoration works while replacing an existing Asbestos Cement watermain with a Ductile Iron watermain. This project was handled extremely safety orientated due to roadworks and handling of Asbestos. All Atlantis staff have completed their removal of non-friable class B Asbestos to ensure safe handling and disposal of Asbestos. Constant cleaning and disinfecting with chlorine solution of pipework, fittings and tools was required for disinfection through the water supply.

Maintenance Hole Maintenance and Renewal
Duration: 7 months
Details of Work:
Started as a manhole renewal project of approx 30 manholes across LCC. Towards the end of the project, the tender was extended to complete another 35 manholes throughout Logan. The majority of these manholes required the renewals to make visible and ease of access for future inspections and blockages.

These manhole renewals included a wide range of required maintenance, each specific to each manholes condition. Required works could include anything from complete replacement or raising of the chamber, necking, converter slab, or ring and lid.

Many of these manholes were in private property requiring pre-planning and communication with property owners and tenants, and some manholes were on footpaths, or in / near roadways which required pedestrian signage or traffic control.

Installation of Polymer Dosing Unit and Pipework
Duration: 4 months
Details of Work:
Surveyed and marked out all runs of pipework. Concrete cut, jackhammered, vacuum and mechanically excavated trenches to installed 500m of DN150 DICL / PE100 fusion welded pipework and fittings to supply reclaimed water from Polymer Dosing Unit to Clarifier pools.
Install DN80 electrical Conduits. Installed Schedule 80 pipework in sizes from DN40 to DN80 internally on cable tray’s / Uni-Strut above walkways before installing and connecting Polymer Dosing Unit. This included installing footings to support and also install a steel overhead pipe bridge to run pipework over walkway.
Compacting and restoring bitumen roadway, concrete pathway and kerb, stone pitching, as well as turf and topsoil restoration. Disassembling and removing of existing Dry Powder Polymer Silo.

Installation of new sewer mains
Duration: 3 months
Details of Work:
Installed 500m of 225mm and 300mm
Included supply and install 9 manholes up to 4m in depth. 1 manhole was special type PE-lined and seal welded tight.
Included full responsibility of APD to organise the following; –
Site survey mark out, site compound establishment, site meeting, daily toolbox talk, all security fencing and security, TMP and traffic control, all testing requirements, machinery and trucks, as-con surveys, road crossings and liaise with clients, installation of sewer mains, compaction to 95%, dispose of all excess materials, decommission compound.

Stormwater crossover
Duration: 3 weeks
Details of Work:
Stormwater crossover collapsed and roadway falling away into gully
Constructed temp driveway into property while repairs are made
Supplied and installed new 1500mm RCP under roadway. This included cut and removal of existing section of driveway, remove rusted/damaged 1500mm drainage pipe and complete full restoration including rock armoring, concreting, handrails and driveway

Wisteria Place 5 lot subdivision
Duration: 4 weeks completed
Details of Work:
5 lot Subdivision 140m of Pe160mm sewer mains install. Included maintenance pits, house connections and live connection into existing sewer manhole 3m in depth. Confined space and special requirements planned making good connections. Completed all welding, cutting and peeling.
Water Reticulation, installing 5 long side water service with under-road bores and live tapings

Sykes Street, Ascot- BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL 5 Lot subdivision
Duration of works: 5 weeks
Description of work:
Installation of sewer mains and property connections. This involved traffic control with lane closure, trenching up one lane in the street 80m in length in PE160mm. 1 cast insitu manhole installed with branch lines and class D lid.
Stormwater mains installed 200m in 300mm FRC pipe through one lane of the street. Manhole and kerb gully pit installed. The stormwater mains were installed through a 4m high rock step in block with the manhole adjusting levels in height to suit the property.
The project had to be fully reinstated from roadways through to turf and topsoil. The steep bank was shot-crete to fill trench line and provide strength on the steep step-up.

Beenleigh Train Station
QLD Rail SARC license required for this contract
Principal: Queensland Rail
Duration: 6 weeks completed
Details of Work:
Complete Stormwater and installation of 900×600 grated chambers throughout holding yard holding area
Water mains supply to the building including sub meters
Sewer mains including live connection into LCC sewer manhole. Installed manholes to 4m in depth and maintenance pits. Installation of sewer bored under train line in enveloper pipe core filled with grout
All works pressure tested and inspected

Duration: 10 months completed
Description of Work: 3 new sporting clubs involving Sewer,
All 3 separate new buildings had storm-water, sewer, gas, hot and cold water reticulation to the upmost standard with thick protection lagging over every water pipe install and finish off all tapware. Pump station installed at the Pony club.

RWW maintenance and water service installation T-1578-11/12-RDW
Principal: RWW
Duration: 14 years
Details of Work:
APD has been oncall for RWW 24/7 over the past 12 years supplying a great service with the repairs and maintenance of all water services. APD has a proven track record of a reliable service 24hrs a day and has always stepped up when extra services, advice, and crews are required. We have just about had all different types of jobs come through, always with a positive outcome and leaks repaired. Our knowledge, experience and superior service is why we keep a great relationship with RWW/RCC team.
Our services in the past under this contract have completed the following

  • Bust water services
  • Damaged water meters
  • Disconnections and relocation of services
  • Replacement of water meters
  • Repairing of long and short side water services
  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Installing new water services up to 50mm
  • Raising 20mm-100mm meter assemblies
  • Servicing the bay islands
  • Backflow testing
  • Restoration
  • Administration and documentation
  • PRV Pits
    • T-1778-15/16-RCC Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers for Trades and Services
      Principal: RCC
      Duration: 10 years 2009-2022 ongoing
      Details of Work:
      We have been involved with RCC maintenance program for 10 years and have also kept a 24/7 service the entire period we have been as an approved contractor. We are now the longest trading plumbing company in the department. Even though our trade base is plumbing and drainage, we are known form completing a wide range of jobs out of our trade including concreting, retaining walls, roofing and gutters, supply of park furniture eg drinking fountains and security alloy cages, building structures, sewer rising mains, amenities blocks, transfer stations including pumping and containment of leachate water are just a few things APD completes.
      We also complete the normal Sewer drain clearing, tap maintenance repairs, toilets, replacing septic trench’s and repairing water/sewer pipes. Great knowledge of the area and knowing how the system works with on-hand council keys is appreciate when meeting with field officers onsite and can advise the best option for repairs with experience in the areas. We have also been servicing all the bay islands park lands and public toilet blocks.
      APD has been appointed the replacement program for the bubbler taps and stainless steel showers throughout the park lands in the Redlands. This includes underground drainage on 60% of these fixtures and all the concreting is completed in house.
      Public amenities block and park shelters are new to our venture of services. We have completed the amenities block package at Indigiscapes from all the underground services, pump station, rising sewer mains, water and waste, concreting, piers, installation of the structure, fit off all the fixtures and completion of the surrounding areas. We organise all testing, surveys and approvals so handing over this package is swift and smooth. The park shelters and table and chairs installed at Heffernan rd Alexandra Hills are also inspected and approved.